Gate Installation & Repair

Fence Builders Yakima provides professional fencing services to all of the Yakima, WA area. With a fence, comes a gate! Sometimes you get a fence without a gate, and that is ok too! Fence Builders Miami can professionally install a gate onto your current fence, or even build it into your new fence. Maybe you already have a gate, but it just needs a repair. Fence Builders Miami can perform a gate repair for you as well.
If you already have a fence installed, and are worried that there is no way that a gate can match your current fence, you need not worry anymore! Fence Builders Yakima has a team of expert fence installers (who are also expert gate installers) who have a keen eye for detail, and who will closely with you to make sure your fence gate will be everything you want it to be.
Gate Installation in Yakima, WA
Gates are an important part for fences. They serve as an entry way into your property, and an exit way from your property. Gates can be built to only fit one person through at a time, or gates can be built to fit a full sized vehicle through. Gates can be used on residential properties, or commercial properties. It does not matter where you need a gate installed, Fence Builders Yakima is here to install the gate for you!
Our expert gate installation team with meet with you to discuss what kind of gate you may need. We will work closely with you to ensure that all of your gate needs and fencing needs are met so that the finished project is perfect. Fence Builders Yakima will pull any permits needed from the state, county, city, and even HOA and special permissions to help keep the gate installation process simple. This way, our customers can relax knowing that they chose the best fence company in Yakima, WA for their gate installation!
Gate Repair in Yakima, WA
Not only does Fence Builders Yakima offer gate installation, but we also offer gate repair. Sometimes the latch on your gate just will not close any more, and that may not even be your fault. Maybe your gate had a lawn mower try to go through it and now it just will not move. Even if your electronic gate is not functioning properly, Fence Builders Yakima is here to perform any gate repair you may need!
Our gate repair service gets the same attention as our gate installation service. Our team of expert gate repairmen will work closely with you to get your gate back to its former glory. If we need to pull permits or bring the gate up to code, we can do that too! Fence Builders Yakima wants to keep this process as simple and stress free as possible for you.
Are you ready to have a gate installed or need a gate repaired? Give Fence Builders Yakima a call! We are here to provide our professional fencing services to all of Yakima, Washington!

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